GTA 5: See How The Graphics Have Improved From PS3 To PS5


Almost a decade after it first launched on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--and again on Xbox One and PS4 a few years later--GTA V is back once again with refreshed graphics on the newest generation of consoles. Having just launched on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, the game can now take advantage of newer technologies to render Los Santos and its inhabitants with even higher visual quality than ever before.

If you're wondering just how big of a difference there is between the game's original 2013 version and this latest edition, you can check out our comparison videos below of the PS3 and PS5 versions. On the newer consoles, GTA V now has multiple graphics modes, support for frame rates up to 60fps, and improved texture quality options.

There's also ray tracing, HDR options, and faster loading times, while the PS5 version has features like haptic feedback using the DualSense controller. Fidelity Mode is the highest visual quality option and can support up to 4K native resolution, while Performance Mode is your usual mix of 60fps gameplay and upscaled 4K graphics. Between those options, there's also Performance RT Mode which aims for a middle ground that offers upscaled 4K resolution with ray tracing at 60fps.

Right now you can grab GTA V with a nice discount on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S digital stores, while GTA Online has a new standalone edition that is free on PS5 for the next three months. Check out our GTA V price breakdown here for more details, and for save progress, you learn how to transfer your data in GameSpot's GTA V migration guide.

GTA V has sold more than 160 million copies since 2013 and developer Rockstar Games recently announced that GTA 6 is in the works, with development on the project is "well underway."

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