Flappy Multiplayer


Fun, frustrating, addictive - this is Flappy Multiplayer. Fly and compete with other people from your area in this fun Flappy Multiplayer mod! Carefully avoid the pipes and get further than anyone else, while you see the other players fail.

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21.03.2022 - 21:29
Gran Turismo 7 Has Been Offline And Unplayable For More Than A Day
An issue found in Gran Turismo 7's latest patch has taken the game offline since March 17.
21.03.2022 - 13:20
Gran Turismo 7 Update Brings It Back Online After A Day, Dev Apologizes
A major bug kept Gran Turismo 7 from being playable for over a day, but the studio has plans to make the racing simulator more rewarding.
21.03.2022 - 05:59
Halo Infinite Anti-Cheat Update: In-Game Player-Reporting Feature Is Coming
343 reveals its anti-cheat system and talks about how it hopes to grow and improve it over time to weed out bad actors.
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